general knowledge questions : Conflict With Countries -Updated

Senkaku Islands is the disputed island between ?

Answer: China and japan

China called this island "Diaoyutai"

Falkland Island was Recently in news , Which countries are involved in this conflict ?

Ans: Brittan and Argentina 

Hans Island is the main cause of disputes between ?

Ans: Canada And Denmark

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Easy English : vocabulary and synonims questions for competitive exams -

prima facie -  at first sight

Ladida - Pretentious or snobbish in manner

Spruced -Neatly dressed

Baleful - Deadly

par- Average or normal amount

exchequer- Former Government

Caveat- warning

elusive - difficult to find or catch

arid -dry

flaunt -Display proudly

bout - attack

current affairs questions for psc and upsc exams : Recent appoinments

Chief of  "RAW" (Reserch and Analysis wing)

Answer:  Alok joshi

Who is recently appointed  CBI Director ?

Answer: Rengith sinha
Who was recently appointed as CEC (Chief Election Commissioner ) ?

Ans: V S Sampath

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