current affairs questions for psc and upsc exams : NMCC

What is the full form for NMCC that was recently in news?

Ans: National Manufacturing competitiveness council

Who was appointed as NMCC chairman ?

Ans: V. Krishna Murthy

Who is the writer of book named An appeal from death row that was recently published ?

Ans: Perarivelal

(Perarivelaln- One of the accused in rajeev Gandhi murder case

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questions on current affairs : Denmark prime minister

Who is newly appointed Denmark prime minister ?

Ans: Helle Thorning-Schmidt

Wimbledon 2011 winner ?

Ans: novak djokovic

novak djokovic defeated  Refel Nadal in Wimbledon 2011 final

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it current affairs for competitive exams : apple new ceo

Q . Who is new ceo for Apple ?

Ans: Tim cook

Q. Who is infosys CEO ?

Ans: S. Gopalakrishnan

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latest current affairs for ibps exams: Asian Champions trophy 2011

1.  winner of Asian Champions trophy  2011 ?

Ans:- India

2. India defeated which country in Asian Champions trophy  2011?

Ans:- Pakistan

3. Where was the venue for Asian Champions trophy  2011 ?

Ans:- Ordos [China]

current affairs related questions for ibps clerical exam

1. Newly appointed Chief minister of Uttarakhand ?

Ans:- B C Khanduri

2. Foreign Minister of Poland who recently visited India ?

Ans:- Radosiaw sikorski

3. Who is the head of Rotary International ?

Ans:- Kalyan Banerji

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current affairs for ibps: Uzbekistan president

1. Who is Uzbekistan president ?

Ans:- Islam karimove

2. Where is teen bigha corridor that was recently in news?

Ans:- India and Bangladesh border

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current affairs for ibps exam : current events

1. Who is the the MD of Unitech wireless ?

Ans: Sanjay chandra

Sanjay chandra is onew of the  accused in 2G Spectrum scam .

2. Who is the head of FIH( Federation of international Hockey ) ?

Ans:- Leandro negre

current events for ibps : Chief ministers

1. Who is the Chief minister of Karnataka ?

Ans:- Sadananda Gowda

2. What is the nationality of Fernando Alonso who won British Grand prix 2011?

Ans:- Spain

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IBPS Exam Sample Questions : Foreign Ministers

1. Who is the foreign minister of Poland who  visited India on last July ?

Ans: Radosiaw sikorski

2. Who is the head of rotary international ?

Ans: Kalyan Banerjee

3.Where was the International crop science conference and exhibition (ICSC 2011)  was held?

Ans: Moscow

4. Who is the foreign minister of pakistan who recently visited India  ?

Ans: Hina Rabbani Khar

IBPS Current Affair sample Questions:Union Minister

1. Who is Union minister for tribal affairs ?

Ans:-Kishore chandra Deo.

2. Who is the Secretary general of FIMI ?

Ans: R K Sharma

current affairs for ibps : Income Tax exemption limit

What is the current income tax exemption limit ?

Ans: 1.8 lac

Previous income tax exemption limit was 1.6 lac .It was increased to 1.8 lac in 2011 Budget

Other Changes in income tax exemption

Income tax Exemption for women - 1.9 lac

Income tax Exemption for Senior citizen age limit(60-80)- 2.5 lac

Income tax Exemption for Senior citizen age limit(above 80) - 5 lac

current Affairs Recently appointed CEO

1. Recently appointed Deutsche bank CEO?

Ans:- Anshu Jain (First Non European CEO )

2. Who is Bharathi Airtel CMD?

Ans:- Sunil Mital

3. Who is Central Bank of India CEO ?

Ans:- Tanksale

4. Who is City Union Bank CEO ?

Ans:- N.Kamakodi

ibps current affairs questions : Asian athletic champion ship

1. Where was the Asian athletic championship 2011 held ?

Ans:-  Kobe (Japan)

2. Who is the winner of gold medal Asian athletic championship 2011 Long Jump ?

Ans:- Mayookha Johny

3. Recently Uranium deposits are found from which state ?

Ans:- Andra predesh ( Tummalapalle)

ibps current affairs questions : Miss india 2011

1. Who won Miss India 2011 ?

Ans:- Vasuki Sunkavalli

2. Chairman of India Smart card Taskforce ?

Ans:- Sam pitroda

3. Who is ONGC Chairman ?

Ans: - A K Hazarika