current affairs 2011 : upsc and psc exams related questions

Rajeev Gandhi jeevan dayi arogya yojana is a health program initiated by which Indian state?

Ans: Maharashtra

First solar powered space craft ?

Ans: Juno (Mission to jupiter)

who is Author of the book "India after Gandhi" ?

Ramachandra Guha
(Kannada writer who won kendra sahitya academy awards)

7th akkineni national award 2011 winner ?

Ans: Hema malini


current affairs : Presidents and prime ministers recently in news

new President of North Korea ?

ans : kim jong il

Recently elected Tunisian president ?

Moncef marzouki 

Trinidad and Tobago Prime minister ?

Ans: Kamala Persad Bissessar

places with historical importance : kerala , kodungallur

Muziris the ancient seaport was located on which place in kerala ?

Ans: kodungallur

first mosque in india
Cheraman Juma Masjid , located in kodungallur

first christian church in india Mar Thoma Church, also located in kodungallur

kodungallur is a place in Thrissur district


First  Synagogue in india is located in which city ?

Ans:Mattancherry ,cochi,kerala

current affairs 2011 questions : SAFF football Championship 2011

SAFF  football  Championship 2011 winner?

Ans: India

Which country was defeated by india in SAFF  football  Championship 2011?

 Ans: Afghanistan

SAFF  football  Championship 2011-  man of the tournament ?

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Final match between India and Afghanistan was took place in which stadium ?

Ans: Nehru stadium , New delhi

current affairs 2011: Guardian prize 2011 , Pulitzer prize 2011

Who won  Guardian prize 2011 ?

Sidarth Mukharjee for his book The Emperor of all maladies

Sidarth Mukharjee won Pulitzer prize 2011

G k Questions for psc and competitive exams : Radio active materials used for treatments

Iodine 131- Hyperthyroidism

Cobalt 60 - Cancer treatment

Gold 198 - Treatment of Leukemia

Sodium 24 - Angiogram Test

Phosphorous 32 -treatment of Bone cancer

More info related to radio activity

Radio active material in liquid state --Francium

Radio active material in gaseous  state --Radon