current affairs for 2012 psc exams : Awards

vallathol award 2012 winner 

Answer: yusafali kecheri

vayalar award winner 2012

Answer: akkitham achuthan namboothiri
akkitham achuthan namboothiri won for his work "Anthi maha kalam"

  Indian Cricketer, Who won Order of Australia?

Answer: Sachin

English Questions: synonims for psc and upsc exams

Frugal- Economical

Inveterate- Habitual

Exhort- Advise Strongly

Applause- Praise

Rash- Careless


taciturn - silent

Easy English : One word Substitution for bank and psc exams

Effeminate- A selfish Person

Garulous - A person talking Excessively

Obsolete- Out of use

Potable- Suitable for Drinking

Shrew- Ill Tempered women

Current Affairs Questions and Answers: Nobal Prize 2012 winners and native country

2012 Nobel Prize for physics

Answer: Serge Haroche (France), David J. Wineland(US)

2012 Nobel Prize for Chemistry

Answer: Robert J. Lefkowitz (US), Brian K. Kobilka (US)

2012 Nobel Prize for Medicine

Answer: Sir John B. Gurdon(Briton) ,Shinya Yamanaka(Japan)

2012 Nobel Prize for Literature

Answer : Mo Yan (China)

2012 Nobel Prize for Peace

Answer :European Union (EU)