banking related terms for ibps 2012 exams (updated)

1. What is the full form of banking related term PPP ?

Ans:- Purchasing Power Parity

Some more banking terms

IRDA- Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority

FICCI- Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and  Industry

ECB - External Commercial borrowings

FCCB -Foreign currency convertible Bond

PTI- Press Trust of india  

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current affairs questions and answers for 2012 exams :Laureus Award winners

Laureus Award  is giving in the field of ?

Ans: Sports

2012 Laureus Award winners

Who won Sports man of the year award ?

Ans: Novak Djokovic

Who won Sports women of the year award ?

Ans: Viviya Cheruiot

Which Football team won Team of the Year award ?

Ans: FC Barcelona

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What is the nationality of  Viviya Cheruiot?

Ans: Kenya

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gk questions and answers : psc frequently asked questions

Where is Writers' Building ?

Ans: West Bengal

Birla house is located at ?
Ans: New Delhi

Where is antariksh bhavan ?

Ans: Bangalore (Isro HeadQuerters)

Belur Math is located at ?

Ans: West Bengal(RamaKrishan Mission Headquarters )

G K Questions 2012 : latest who is who

Who is Reserve Bank of India Governor 

Ans: Duvvuri Subbarao

who is current chairman of Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council ?

Ans: C.Rangarajan

Current ISRO chairman ?

Ans: Dr. K. Radhakrishnan

Ibps Exam Previous Questions related to general Knowledge: IBPS Clerical exam 2011

Q)  top jute producing country (2011)?

Ans: India
[IBPS Clerical exam 2011]

Q) NEFT is related to _________?

Ans: Facility for one-to-one funds transfer

[IBPS Clerical exam 2011]

Q) Salva Kiir Mayardit is elected as first president of which country ?

Ans: south sudan

[IBPS Clerical exam 2011]

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Which country is second place in production of jute ?

And: Bangladesh.

Q) Capital of  South Sudan ?

Ans: Juba

Current affairs questions for ibps exams

2012 Brics summit will be held in which country?

Ans: India

What is the full form for Brics ?

Ans: Brazil , Russia India, China, South Africa


G K for exams : 2012 events related questions

2012 celebrating as international year of cooperatives

Which famous English novelist's 200th birth day is celebrating on 2012

Ans: Charles Dickens

Who is the father of the cooperative movement ?

Ans: Robert Owen

current affairs 2012 : Recently in news

what is the nationality of  Wislawa Szymborska who was recently in news ?

Ans: Poland

Wislawa Szymborska,  nobel laureate  who was recently died

Important books: Calling Out to Yathi, People on the bridge , The end and the beginning

Recently published autobiography of Tasleema Nasreen ?

Ans: Nirbasan

Recently India decided to buy 120 fighter planes from which country?

Ans: France

banking related Questions: forex (Foreign money Exchange )

What is the full form for forex ?

Ans: Foreign money Exchange

What is the Full form of FEMA ?

Ans: Foreign Exchange Management Act

What is the Full form of FERA ?

Ans: Foreign Exchange Regulation Act

Where is SEBI Headquarters ?

Ans: Mumbai

Who is SEBI CEO ?

Ans: U K Sinha

questions on banking : bank Headquarters and baking questions

where is sbi Headquarters ?

Ans: Mumbai

where is  south indian bank Headquarters ?

Ans: Thrissur, Kerala

Punjab National Bank (PNB) Headquarters  is located at?

Ans :New Delhi, India

Where is Vijaya Bank Headquarters ?


HSBC (Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation ) Headquarters is at ?

Ans: Hong Kong

Federal Bank Headquarters is at ?

Ans: Aluva, Kochi

General Knowledge Questions for 2012 exams : hydro electric power projects

Where is Damodar valley power project is situated ?

Ans: West Bengal

Longest irrigation canal in the world ?

Ans: Indira Gandhi canal (Rajasthan)

Where is kosi project ?

Ans: Bihar

Kosi project was build with the help of which other country ?

Ans : Nepal

Gandak project was build with the help of which other country ?

Ans : Nepal

current affairs for bank exams : Australian open 2012

Australian open 2012 men's winner ?

Ans: Novak Djokovic(Nationality : Serbia)

Australian open 2012 men's  runner up ?

Ans: Rafel Nadal (Nationality : spain)

Australian open 2012 women's winner ?

Ans: Victoria Azarenka(Nationality : Belarus)

Australian open 2012 women's  runner up ?

Ans: Maria sharapova(Nationality :Russia)

Australian open 2012 Men's doubles winner ?

Ans: Leander paes(India) and Radek Stepanek (Czech Republic)