current affairs quiz questions and answers 2012 : India

India's First indigenous radar satellite ?


first Indian woman scientist to head a missile project ?

Ans: Tessy thomas

Who is known as Agni putri ?

Ans: Tessy thomas
Who is  the project director of agni missile ?
Ans: Tessy thomas

worlds First solar powered space craft developed by nasa ?

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Current Affairs 2012 : Upcoming events in 2012 - Olympic Mascot

Q) Venue for Earth Summit 2012 ?

Earth Summit 2012 will take place in Rio de Janeiro.(On 20th - 22nd, June 2012)
  First earth summit was on  -1992 took place in Rio de Janeiro

Second earth summit was on  -2002 took place in Johannesburg, South Africa

  Earth Summit also known as United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED)

Q)Name  london olympics 2012 mascot ?

Ans:Wenlock and Mandeville

2010 youth Olympics mascot - Lyo and Merly

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current affairs question and answers for banking and psc exams

Newly elected German president ?

Ans: Joachim Gauck

New Railway minister ?

Ans: Mukul Roy

Newly elected isi (Inter service Intelligence) Director general ?

Ans: Sahirul islam

Biology related Questions for competitive exams 2012 : cloning and first cloned animals

first animal crated from cloning ?

Ans: Dolly  (sheep)

Who created Dolly ?

Ans: Ian Wilmut

Who is the father of cloning ?

Ans: Ian Wilmut

world's first cloned camel ?

Ans: Injaz

world's first cloned cat ?

Ans: copy cat

world's first cloned dog ?

Ans: Snuppy

world's first cloned rat?

Ans: Ralph

world's first cloned Hourse?


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Frequently asked Questions for PSC and UPSC Exams : Indian History

Who was known as "lakh Baksha" ?

Ans: Qutub ud din Aibak

Who wrote the book "Panchasiddantika" ?

Ans: VarahaMihira

the book "HarshaCharitha" written by ?

ans: Banabhatta

Rathnavali,nagananda, and priyadarshika are drama's written by ?


Who callled Samudra guptha as Indian Napoleon ?

Ans: V A Smith 

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It related Questions for bank exams
Padma Vibhushan Awards 2012

current affairs for Ibps and other bank exams : new ceo

Newly elected MD and CEO of Larsen and Toubro (L & T)

Ans: Venkataramanan

World Indoor Women's Pole valt title 2012 winner


Nationality of Isinbayeva


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Current Affairs Questions for all Competitive Exams : Newly Elected CM

Newly elected Chief Minister for UP?

Ans: Akhilesh Yadav

Newly elected Chief Minister for  uttarakhand  ?

Ans: Vijay Bahuguna

Who is the winner of swathy Prize 2012?

Ans: Bala Murali krishna

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Easy English : English vocabulary answers for banking and psc exams

Vegabond - Loafer

Abottoir -Slaughter house

carnage - General Slaughter for human being

Namby Pamby -  weak or indecisive

Prime rose path of life - A life of Pleasure 

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current Affairs Questions and answers : sports and olympics

Who was selected as Chief de  Mission of 2012 olympics by IOA ?

Ans: Ajit Pal

Who are Indian wells tennis champions ?

Ans:Roger Federer and Victoria Azarenka

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Current Affairs Questions and Answers About India - Awards 2012

Swiss Open 2012 winner ?

Ans: Saina Nehwall

Dada sahib Falke award 2012 winner?

Ans: soumitra chatterjee

DRDO Recently developed a Subsonic Cruise missile ,What is the name given for that missile?

Ans: Nirbhay

Where was sachin scored his 100th century ?

Ans : Daka ( Against Bangladesh)

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general knowledge objective Questions answers for all exams : military operations

Operation Polo - integration of Hyderabad to Indian union -1948- September

operation bluestar- military operation in Golden temple ,Amritsar - 1984 June 1 to 6

operation cocoon- Operation that lead to death of veerappan

operation vijay- liberation of Gova from portuguese -1961 dec-19

1999 kargin war was also given the code name [operation vijay]

operation green hunt- Name given for military action against Naxalite