current affairs 2011 : upsc and psc exams related questions

Rajeev Gandhi jeevan dayi arogya yojana is a health program initiated by which Indian state?

Ans: Maharashtra

First solar powered space craft ?

Ans: Juno (Mission to jupiter)

who is Author of the book "India after Gandhi" ?

Ramachandra Guha
(Kannada writer who won kendra sahitya academy awards)

7th akkineni national award 2011 winner ?

Ans: Hema malini


current affairs : Presidents and prime ministers recently in news

new President of North Korea ?

ans : kim jong il

Recently elected Tunisian president ?

Moncef marzouki 

Trinidad and Tobago Prime minister ?

Ans: Kamala Persad Bissessar

places with historical importance : kerala , kodungallur

Muziris the ancient seaport was located on which place in kerala ?

Ans: kodungallur

first mosque in india
Cheraman Juma Masjid , located in kodungallur

first christian church in india Mar Thoma Church, also located in kodungallur

kodungallur is a place in Thrissur district


First  Synagogue in india is located in which city ?

Ans:Mattancherry ,cochi,kerala

current affairs 2011 questions : SAFF football Championship 2011

SAFF  football  Championship 2011 winner?

Ans: India

Which country was defeated by india in SAFF  football  Championship 2011?

 Ans: Afghanistan

SAFF  football  Championship 2011-  man of the tournament ?

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Final match between India and Afghanistan was took place in which stadium ?

Ans: Nehru stadium , New delhi

current affairs 2011: Guardian prize 2011 , Pulitzer prize 2011

Who won  Guardian prize 2011 ?

Sidarth Mukharjee for his book The Emperor of all maladies

Sidarth Mukharjee won Pulitzer prize 2011

G k Questions for psc and competitive exams : Radio active materials used for treatments

Iodine 131- Hyperthyroidism

Cobalt 60 - Cancer treatment

Gold 198 - Treatment of Leukemia

Sodium 24 - Angiogram Test

Phosphorous 32 -treatment of Bone cancer

More info related to radio activity

Radio active material in liquid state --Francium

Radio active material in gaseous  state --Radon

current affairs , Gk questions and answers : New elements

What is the full form for IUPC ?

Ans: The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

IUPC Recently added Darmstadtium as 110 th element , named after which city ?

Ans: Darmstadt (Germany )

Other elements added

111th element - Roentgenium - Named after Rontgen

112 th element - Copernicium - Named After Nicolaus Copernicus

What is the nationality of Rontgen?

Ans: Germany

Nationality of
Nicolaus Copernicus ?

Ans: Poland

International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry head quarters
situated at ?

Ans: Zurich, Switzerland

Federation Internationale de Football Association Headquarters is

Ans:  Zurich, Switzerland

Where is the international Olympic committee headquarters located at ?

Ans:Lausanne, Switzerland

G K Questions for upsc and compitative exams : Finland

What is the nationality of Linus Tolwards ?

Ans: Finland

Who is known as The Flying Finn ?

Paavo Nurmi

The country known as "The Land of the Thousand Lakes" ?

Ans: Finland (with 187888 lakes)

Who is the The President of the Republic of Finland ?

Ans: Tarja Halonen

current affairs questions for ibps exams :Revolution 2020

Who is the author of "Revolution 2020" ?

Ans: Chetan Bhagath

India's longest rail route  in India that started service recently ?

Ans: Vivek Express ( Dibrugarh to Kannyakumari)

winner of Indira gandhi prize 2011 ?

Ans: Ela Bhatt

Name the organization that led by  Ela Bhatt ?

Ans: SEWA (Self Employed Women association)

Current affairs 2011 : Child rights index

Which Indian state got first place in  Child rights index ?

Ans: Kerala

( second place in Child rights index   :- Karnataka

Last Place in Child rights index   :- Arunachal predesh )

Women Athlete of the year 2011 selected by IAAF

Ans: Sally Pearson

(male Athlete of the year 2011 - Usain Bolt )

World Diabetes day - Nov-14

short forms and acronyms for ibps exams ,bank exams and upsc exams

PSU :- Public Sector Undertaking

APEC :- Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation organization

AFSPA :- Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act

SAARC :- South Asian Association for Regional cooperation

SCUBA :- Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

Sachar Committee report is related to _________?

Ans: Status of Muslim Community of India

Ranghnath mishra committee report on  ________?

Ans: Religion and Linguistic Minorities

Rank of india in  2011 Human development index ?

current affairs expected Questions for ibps exams: Territorial army

Indian cricketer who was recently got  lieutenant colonel rank in the territorial army?

Ans:Mahendra singh Dhoni

Indian shooter who was recently got  lieutenant colonel rank in the territorial army?

Ans: Abhinav Bindra

Name the Google's new project to offer website for small and medium business ?

Ans: India get your business online

Sports related current affairs

current affairs for ibps and other competitive exams : 2011 summits

venue for Saarc summit 2011 ?

Ans: maldives

theme for Saarc summit 2011 ?

Ans: Building bridges

where was G-20 Summit 2011 held  at?

Ans: France (can)

Know more about SCO Summit 2011

ibps exam related current affairs: Miss world 2011

Who was crowned as Miss world 2011 ?

Ans: Ivian Sarcos (Miss venezuela)

Venue for Miss world 2011 ?

Ans: Earls Court ,London

First Runner up in  Miss world 2011 ?
 Ans: Gwendoline Ruais (Miss Philippines)

"Beauty with a purpose" is the moto related to miss world

Venue for  Miss world 2012 ?

Ans: Ordos, China

Lanco International series is associated with which sports item?

Ans: Hockey

Which country giving order of friendship prize?


Name the Indian writer who recently honored by order of friendship ?

Ans: D. Jayakantan

Who is the New CM for arunachal predesh ?

Ans: Nabam Tuki

Who is miss INDIA 2011 ?

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current affairs for ibps exams :Human Development Index by UN

India's rank in Human development index published by UN ?

Ans: 134 th

Which country got 1st place in human development index?

Ans: Norway

The country got second place in human development index?

Ans: Australia

Which UN authority publishes Human development report?

Ans: UNDP (United Nations Development Programme)

general knowledge questions for psc exams : inventions by Humphry Davy

Power loom was invented by ?

Ans: Edmund Cartwright

Safty lamp was invented by ?

Ans: Humphry Davy 

Some other discoveries by Humphry Davy 

sodium ,potassium, magnesium, boron, barium, chlorine

gk for upsc exams: Chinese inventions that made revolution in history

Paper was invented by

Seismograph and Gun powder  created by which country ?

country where Taoism was originated ?

Who invented Compass and Tea

Ans : China

[All the above questions have only one answer ]

Current affairs related to china

In which way Michael Collins book Liftoff related to
Great wall of china ?
      This book was first made a false notion that the Great Wall of China is visible from the Moon.

For More 

What is the name of china's moon mission ?
Ans : Chang'e-2

Long March rocket  is related to which country's space program ?

Ans: china

Questions for ibps exams : world athletic champion ship 2011

Where was the venue for world athletic champion ship 2011 (13th) ?

Ans: Daegu(South korea)

Which country is top medalist in  world athletic champion ship 2011 (13th) ?

Ans: USA

Where is the venue for world athletic champion ship 2012 (14th) ?

Ans: Moscow( Russia)

Who is Uttarakhand CM?

Ans: BC Khanduri

IBPS Expected current affairs Questions : Megha tropique

What is Megha tropique that was recently in news ?

Ans: India french satellite mission

Who is Telangana Rashtra samithi President ?

Ans: K Chandra shekhar rao

Health insurance portability in force from ?

Ans: 1- October -2011

Who are the 2011 nobel prize  winners ?

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current affairs for banking and competitive exams

What is the full form of IUCN ?

Ans: International union for conservation of nature

What is the 12th five year plan gdp target ?

Ans: 9pc

Where was commonwealth summit was held in 2011 ?

Ans:Pearth (Australia)

Who was reelected as commonwealth Secretary general ?

Ans: Kamalesh sharma


ibps oriented current affairs questions

Sunway blue light mpp is a super computer of which country ?

Ans: china

Recently resigned Arunachal predesh CM ?

Ans: Jarbone Gamalin

 New CM for Arunachal predesh

Newly elected Kyrgistan president ?

Ans: Almazbek Atambayev


current affairs bits for ibps exam

India's first Formula one race track ?

Ans: Budha International race track

Wanchuwa festival is associated with which state ?

Ans: Assam

5th ibsa summit was held in ?

Ans: Pretoria

IBSA is the association of  ?

Ans: INDIA, Brazil,South africa

Want to know about SCO ?

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UPSC and ibps Exams related current affairs : Women presidents recently in news

Who is the president of Argentina ?

Ans: Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

Who is the president of Brazil?

Ans: Dilma Rousuf

Who is the president of Liberia ?

Ans: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

More about    

current affairs for ibps, upsc and psc exams

Who is Myanmar president ?

Ans: Thein sein

Where is hills of ranikhet that was recently in news ?

Ans: utharakhand

Who is the writer of novel Bharathipura ?

Ans:- U R Anantha moorthy

Which country launched Hatf 7 ,Nuclear capable cruise missile ?

Ans: Pakistan

For banking related terms

current affairs and banking related terms for ibps clerical exams

Who is the winner of  2011 korean grand pre ?

Ans : Sebastian vettal

Who is vietnam president ?

Ans: Troungtansang

Pir Pinjal Mountain situated at which state ?

Ans:jam-mu & Kashmir

What is the full form for FLCC ?

Ans: Financial Literacy and credit council

What is the full form for ISLRTC that was recently in news ?

Indian sign
language Reaserch and training center

Which Nordic country recently imposed a fat tax?

Ans: Denmark

Name the first country implemented Hamburger law ?

Ans: Hungary

World tourism day ?

Ans: September 27

ibps related current affairs questions

who is present Chief of the Naval  staff ?

Ans: Admiral Nirmal Varma

who is present Chief of the Army  staff ?

Ans: General V k Singh

who is present Chief of the air staff ?

Ans: Air chief marshal N A K Browne

More ibps related questions

current affairs 2011 : Father of pacemaker

Who won 33rd Federation Cup 2011 ?

Ans: salgokar gova

Who is the father of pasemaker ?

Ans: Vinson Great batch (recently died)

Name the indian who won International shooting world cup 2011 ?

Ans: Sodhi

What is the full form for ISSF ?

International Shooting Sport Federation

For more current affairs

current affairs : Press Trust of IndiaChairman

Who is the chairman of Press Trust of India (PTI) ?

Ans: Markandey Katju

Who is the CM of Andra Predesh?

Ans: Kiran kumar Reddy

The slogan "Sarvajan Hitay and sarvajan sukhay " is associated with which state government ?

Ans: Uttar Pradesh

Who is the CM of Uttar Pradesh?

Ans: Mayavathi

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Current Affairs Questions : Nobel prize 2011 winners and country

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine   -

Bruce A. Beutler (U S A)
Jules A. Hoffmann ( Luxam-burg )
Ralph M. Steinman( Canada)

Nobel Prize in Literature

Tomas Transtromer (Sweedan)

Nobel Prize in Physics

Saul Perlmutter ( USA )
Brian P. Schmidt( USA )
Adam G. Riess( Australia)

Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Dan Shechtman ( Israel)

Nobel Peace Prize

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf ( Liberia )
Leymah Gbowee ( Liberia )
Tawakkul Karman (Yaman)

ibps related current affairs :UN Good will ambassador

Name the Tennis proffessional who was recently appointed as UN Good will ambassador?

Ans: Serena Williams

Country which recently allow  right for vote to women ?

Ans: Saudi Arabia

What is the full form of CSIR ?

Ans: Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

Who won Bhatnagar prize ?

Ans: Mahan Maharaj

 Bhatnagar prize is giving for excellence in which field ?

Ans: Science and Technology

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General Awareness Questions and Answers for Bank Exams 2011

Which is the First UNESCO City of Literature ?

Ans: Edinburgh

Who is Recently appointed Evercon CEO?

Ans: Susha Jhon

Which bank got the award for Excellence in MSME's ?

Ans: Indian Oversees Bank

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current affairs for ibps exams and other competitive exams

International day of disappeared ?

Ans: Aug-30

Basel committee is related to _____________ ?

Ans: Bank Supervision 

what is the full form for IGNOAPS ?

Ans: Indira Gandhi old age Pension scheme 

current affairs for all competitive exams :MMDR Bill

What is the full form for MMDR Bill that was recently introduced in parliament ?

Ans: Mines and Mineral Development and regulation

What is the full form for Interpol ?

Ans: International Criminal Police

Which state in India Introduced Jal Nirmal project ?

Ans: Karnataka

For More acronyms

current events for upsc exams :INS President

Who is the recently appointed president of INS(Indian news paper society) ?

Ans: Ashish Bega

Irani Cup related to ?

Ans: Cricket

What is the full form of WIPO?

Ans: World Intellectual Property Organization

general Awareness for ibps clerical Exams :rajive Gandhi International Prize

Who is Union Health Minister ?

Ans: Ghulam Nabi Azad

Who got The rajive Gandhi International Prize for technology in education and development instituted by IGNOU ?

Ans: Azim Premji Foundation

current affairs for ibps exams: coal india chairman

Who is coal India chairman ?

Ans: N C Jha

Who is SAIL Chairman ?

Ans: V S Varma

Who is the winner of Singapore grand Prix ?

Ans: Sebastian Vetal

Who is chairman of  Central Advisory Board

For Ans visit

current affairs questions for psc and upsc exams : NMCC

What is the full form for NMCC that was recently in news?

Ans: National Manufacturing competitiveness council

Who was appointed as NMCC chairman ?

Ans: V. Krishna Murthy

Who is the writer of book named An appeal from death row that was recently published ?

Ans: Perarivelal

(Perarivelaln- One of the accused in rajeev Gandhi murder case

More recent appointments

questions on current affairs : Denmark prime minister

Who is newly appointed Denmark prime minister ?

Ans: Helle Thorning-Schmidt

Wimbledon 2011 winner ?

Ans: novak djokovic

novak djokovic defeated  Refel Nadal in Wimbledon 2011 final

[ Ibps 2011 PO Question ]

it current affairs for competitive exams : apple new ceo

Q . Who is new ceo for Apple ?

Ans: Tim cook

Q. Who is infosys CEO ?

Ans: S. Gopalakrishnan

More it related current affairs

latest current affairs for ibps exams: Asian Champions trophy 2011

1.  winner of Asian Champions trophy  2011 ?

Ans:- India

2. India defeated which country in Asian Champions trophy  2011?

Ans:- Pakistan

3. Where was the venue for Asian Champions trophy  2011 ?

Ans:- Ordos [China]

current affairs related questions for ibps clerical exam

1. Newly appointed Chief minister of Uttarakhand ?

Ans:- B C Khanduri

2. Foreign Minister of Poland who recently visited India ?

Ans:- Radosiaw sikorski

3. Who is the head of Rotary International ?

Ans:- Kalyan Banerji

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current affairs for ibps: Uzbekistan president

1. Who is Uzbekistan president ?

Ans:- Islam karimove

2. Where is teen bigha corridor that was recently in news?

Ans:- India and Bangladesh border

More related

New Vietnam president

President of Turkey

current affairs for ibps exam : current events

1. Who is the the MD of Unitech wireless ?

Ans: Sanjay chandra

Sanjay chandra is onew of the  accused in 2G Spectrum scam .

2. Who is the head of FIH( Federation of international Hockey ) ?

Ans:- Leandro negre

current events for ibps : Chief ministers

1. Who is the Chief minister of Karnataka ?

Ans:- Sadananda Gowda

2. What is the nationality of Fernando Alonso who won British Grand prix 2011?

Ans:- Spain

More related

Union ministers

Human resource development minister

IBPS Exam Sample Questions : Foreign Ministers

1. Who is the foreign minister of Poland who  visited India on last July ?

Ans: Radosiaw sikorski

2. Who is the head of rotary international ?

Ans: Kalyan Banerjee

3.Where was the International crop science conference and exhibition (ICSC 2011)  was held?

Ans: Moscow

4. Who is the foreign minister of pakistan who recently visited India  ?

Ans: Hina Rabbani Khar

IBPS Current Affair sample Questions:Union Minister

1. Who is Union minister for tribal affairs ?

Ans:-Kishore chandra Deo.

2. Who is the Secretary general of FIMI ?

Ans: R K Sharma

current affairs for ibps : Income Tax exemption limit

What is the current income tax exemption limit ?

Ans: 1.8 lac

Previous income tax exemption limit was 1.6 lac .It was increased to 1.8 lac in 2011 Budget

Other Changes in income tax exemption

Income tax Exemption for women - 1.9 lac

Income tax Exemption for Senior citizen age limit(60-80)- 2.5 lac

Income tax Exemption for Senior citizen age limit(above 80) - 5 lac

current Affairs Recently appointed CEO

1. Recently appointed Deutsche bank CEO?

Ans:- Anshu Jain (First Non European CEO )

2. Who is Bharathi Airtel CMD?

Ans:- Sunil Mital

3. Who is Central Bank of India CEO ?

Ans:- Tanksale

4. Who is City Union Bank CEO ?

Ans:- N.Kamakodi

ibps current affairs questions : Asian athletic champion ship

1. Where was the Asian athletic championship 2011 held ?

Ans:-  Kobe (Japan)

2. Who is the winner of gold medal Asian athletic championship 2011 Long Jump ?

Ans:- Mayookha Johny

3. Recently Uranium deposits are found from which state ?

Ans:- Andra predesh ( Tummalapalle)

ibps current affairs questions : Miss india 2011

1. Who won Miss India 2011 ?

Ans:- Vasuki Sunkavalli

2. Chairman of India Smart card Taskforce ?

Ans:- Sam pitroda

3. Who is ONGC Chairman ?

Ans: - A K Hazarika

IBPS Exam for Clerical Cadre Announced

IBPS Exam for Clerical Cadre Announced

Start date for Online Registration 25.08.2011 

Payment of Application Fees/ Intimation Charges 24.08.2011 to 23.09.2011 
(both dates inclusive)

Last date for Online Registration 24.09.2011

Last date for Editing Application Details 26.09.2011

Download of Call letter for Written Examination After 11.11.2011

Written Examination 27.11.2011

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IBPS Exam Model questions current affairs :Latest who's who

1. Who is US Secretary of State ?

Ans:- Leon Panetta

2. Who is Pakistan Intelligence chief ?

Ans:-Ahmed Shuja Pasha

3. Who is News International CEO who was recently resigned ?

Ans:-Rebecka Brooks

4. Who is the owner of News International ?

Ans:- Rupert Murdoch

current affairs for IBPS Exam :Rank of india in Export of Services and Movieplex

1. What is the Rank of India in Export of services in WTO Reports?

Ans:- 10th Rank

2. Which Company launche Free Online Movie Service-  "Movieplex‎"?


Current affairs for ibps exam: Copa america 2011

Who is the winner of  15th Copa America football competition in Buenos Aires ?

Ans: Uruguay

Uruguay defeated Paraguay in 15th Copa America

Luis Suarez was selected as Best player

IBPS Exam: current affairs: Al Shabab militants

In which country is Al Shabab militants found ?

Ans: Somalia.

Recently  UN officially declared a famine in  Somalia

IBPS Exams related current affairs :New Vietnam president

Name The newly  selected  Vietnam president ?

Ans:- Truong Tan Sang

Current affairs for PO Exams: Jaithapur Nuclear power project located?

Where is Jaithapur Nuclear power project is located ?

Maharashtra (Rathnagiri)

Upsc exams : Current affairs 2011: Chief of Film Certification

Who is the chief of Central board for Film Certification(CBFC)?

Ans:- Leela Samson

IBPS Exams oriented Current affairs: World cup cricket 2011

What was the World cup cricket 2011 Mascot?

Ans:- Stumpy

India won World cup cricket 2011 by defeating Sreelanka

Final match was Played at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

ibps exam oriented : Green Salt Project

where is Green Salt Project?

Green Salt Project is a Uranium processing project of Iran also called Project 1-11

Current affairs : Post card with RBI Advertisement

Name of the Post card released by postal department   with RBI Advertisements ?

Ans:- Meghadoot

ibps exam related current affairs :2011 Republic day Guest

Who was 2011 Republic day Guest ?

Ans:- Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

Syria President is Bashar al-Assad

South Sudan President- Salva Kiir Mayardit
South Sudan capital is Juba

South Korea President - Lee Myung-bak

Tanzanian president - Jakaya Kikwete

More 2011 current affairs

Current Affairs: Secretary-General of SAARC

Who is the  Secretary-General of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)

Ans:-  Fathimath Dhiyana Saeed of Maldives

The 2010  SAARC summit was held in Thimpu (silver jubilee celebration of SAARC)

Current Affairs : 2011 National Snooker Championship winner

Who is the winner of  2011 National Snooker Championship ?

Ans:- Adithya mehtha

Easy English: Ex-gratia and Status Quo

Ex-gratia = As a Favour

Status Quo =Existing State of affair

Current Affairs: Director of Aaraksha

Who is the  Director of  film Aaraksha ?

Ans:- Prakash Jha

Current affairs : Theme for 2011 ocean day

What is the Theme for 2011 ocean day

Ans:- "Our ocean : Greening Our Future".

Current affairs : opposed Ms.Lagarde

Who opposed Ms.Lagarde in recent IMF elections?

Ans:- Carstens Carstens ( Mexican economist )


current affairs: Chairman of Central Advisory Board for Education

Who is the Chairman of Central Advisory Board for Education (CABE)

Ans:- Kabil Sibal(Union minister of human resource development)

Current affairs : Enquiry about doping?

Who is the chief of commission Enquire about doping case?

Ans:- Justice Mukul mudgal

View details about doping case

Current affairs : women cricketer expelled ?

who is the women cricketer expelled from Indian woman's cricket team because of illegal bowling action?

Ans:- Snehal Pradan

Current affairs : FIDE (The world chess federation) President ?

Who is present FIDE (The world chess federation) President ?
Ans:- Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

Who is Australian men's hockey coach?

Who is Australian men's hockey coach?

Ans:- Charles Worth

Hockey World Cup 2010 was held in Newdelhi (India) won by Australian team

Hockey World Cup 2014 will be in  hague (Netherland)

Current affairs : New imf president

Newly elected IMF president   : Christine Lagarde

Easy English : confusing words



:from birth


Decease: Death