general knowledge questions : Conflict With Countries -Updated

Senkaku Islands is the disputed island between ?

Answer: China and japan

China called this island "Diaoyutai"

Falkland Island was Recently in news , Which countries are involved in this conflict ?

Ans: Brittan and Argentina 

Hans Island is the main cause of disputes between ?

Ans: Canada And Denmark

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Easy English : vocabulary and synonims questions for competitive exams -

prima facie -  at first sight

Ladida - Pretentious or snobbish in manner

Spruced -Neatly dressed

Baleful - Deadly

par- Average or normal amount

exchequer- Former Government

Caveat- warning

elusive - difficult to find or catch

arid -dry

flaunt -Display proudly

bout - attack

current affairs questions for psc and upsc exams : Recent appoinments

Chief of  "RAW" (Reserch and Analysis wing)

Answer:  Alok joshi

Who is recently appointed  CBI Director ?

Answer: Rengith sinha
Who was recently appointed as CEC (Chief Election Commissioner ) ?

Ans: V S Sampath

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List Of chairman

2012 Winners list

General awareness related to India: Operation X

Where was 26/11 attacks accused  ajmal kasab was hanged on Nov 21, 2012?

Answer : Yerwada Jail in Pune

Operation X is related to which incident ?

Answer: 26/11 attacks accused  ajmal kasab was hanging

Present Election Commissioner Of India ?

Answer : Syed Nasim Ahmad Zaidi

important events related to india : Indira gandhi and Blue star operation

commission who investigated   Indira Gandhi’s assassination ?

Answer: Justice Thakkar Commission

Indira Gandhi was  assassinated on

Answer: October 31, 1984, New Delhi

Who is assosciated with indira gandhi assassination?

Answer: Satwant Singh and Beant Singh

The year in which Blue star operation was took place ?

Answer:1984 June

Place where Blue star operation started by indian army?

Answer: Golden Temple in Amritsar, India

Who ordered for Blue star operation?

Answer: Indira Gandhi

What is the nationality of desmond tutu ?

Answer: South Africa

2012 General awareness Questions for UPSC and PSC Exams

Who is the director of film "The reluctant Fundamentalist"  ?

Answer: Meera Nair

Venue for 43rd International Filim festival of India ?

Answer: Panaji (Goa) 

Press Council of India Chair persion ?

Answer:  Markandey Katju

 Goa CM

Answer:  Manohar Parrikar 

Maharashtra CM

Answer:  Prithviraj chavan

2012 Davis cup winner : current affairs Questions

Davis cup 2012 winner- 

Answer: Czech Republic

Fed cup 2012 winner- 

Answer: Czech Republic

Hopman cup 2012 winner-

 Answer: Czech Republic

Davis cup, Fed cup and Hopman cup are related to tennis

General awareness & current affairs 2012 questions for all exams

Nagoya protocol is related to?

Answer: bio piracy

Which nation host 2012 UN Bio diversity summit 2012?

Answer: India

Which Nation was hit By hurricane Sandy?


Which states in India are affected by cyclone, Neelam ?

Answer: Tamil nadu and Andra pradesh

Name the oil tanker,which ran aground due to Neelam ?

Answer: pratibha cauvery

current affairs for 2012 psc exams : Awards

vallathol award 2012 winner 

Answer: yusafali kecheri

vayalar award winner 2012

Answer: akkitham achuthan namboothiri
akkitham achuthan namboothiri won for his work "Anthi maha kalam"

  Indian Cricketer, Who won Order of Australia?

Answer: Sachin

English Questions: synonims for psc and upsc exams

Frugal- Economical

Inveterate- Habitual

Exhort- Advise Strongly

Applause- Praise

Rash- Careless


taciturn - silent

Easy English : One word Substitution for bank and psc exams

Effeminate- A selfish Person

Garulous - A person talking Excessively

Obsolete- Out of use

Potable- Suitable for Drinking

Shrew- Ill Tempered women

Current Affairs Questions and Answers: Nobal Prize 2012 winners and native country

2012 Nobel Prize for physics

Answer: Serge Haroche (France), David J. Wineland(US)

2012 Nobel Prize for Chemistry

Answer: Robert J. Lefkowitz (US), Brian K. Kobilka (US)

2012 Nobel Prize for Medicine

Answer: Sir John B. Gurdon(Briton) ,Shinya Yamanaka(Japan)

2012 Nobel Prize for Literature

Answer : Mo Yan (China)

2012 Nobel Prize for Peace

Answer :European Union (EU)

Current affairs related to India and grand prix

Who is the winner of Singapore Grand Prix 2012 ?

Answer: Sebastian vettel

What is the full form for "WGEEP"

Answer: Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel

Who is the head of  WGEEP (Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel) ?

Answer : K Kasthurirangan

Who is the current Ecudor President ?

Answer : Rafael Correa

Chemistry Questions for competitive exams: chemical names

What is the chemical name of  Aspirin?

Answer :acetylsalicylic acid  
 gypsum is chemicaly ?

 Answer : calcium sulfate dihydrate

What is the Chemical name for ajinomoto ?

Answer:  monosodium glutamate

What is chemical name for tear gas ?

Answer: chlorobenzylidene malononitrile

What is known as fools gold  ?

Answer:  iron pyrites

What is chemical name for paracetamol

Answer: acetaminophen

Grand Slam 2012 - us open winners

US Open Women's title winner ?

Answer : Serena Williams

US Open Men's title winner ?

Answer: A. Murray

Where is Indira sagar Dam is located?

Answer: Madya predesh (Narmada)

Current affairs and Gk Questions for bank exams

Where is Mawphu Hydro Electric power project ?

Answer: Umiew river ( Shillong )

First Privately financed Hydro electric Power project ?

Ans:- Maheshwara dam

Where is Maheshwar Dam is situated ?

Ans: Bhopal (madhya pradesh)

Maheshwar Dam is the first privatised hydroelectric power project in India

general awareness Questions and answers

Who is India's permanent representative in UN?

Answer : Hardeep singh puri

Which Indian State Won Buchi Babu trophy 2012 ?

Answer: Karnataka

Buchi babu trophy is related to ?

Answer: Cricket

Irani cup is related to ?

Answer: Cricket

Important Current Affairs Questions with answers

Newly elected Navy chief ?

Answer : Admiral D K joshi

Present IAEA (International Atomic Energy agency ) Chairman ?

Answer : Yukia Amano

Ethiopian Prime minister who was recently died ?

Answer: Meles Zenawi

current affairs quiz questions -2012 competitive exam oriented

Who is the wiiner of V K Krishna menon prize ?

Answer: Rathika Sitsabaeisan

Where is VK Krishna Menon Institute ?

Ans: London

Who is the winner of Cincinnati title 2012?

Answer: Roger federer

Current Affairs and Gk for RRB Exams-India in Olympics 2012

2012 Rajiv Gandhi khel ratna award winners ?

Answer: vijaya kumar and yogeshawar dutt

india's medal position in olympics 2012 ?

Answer: 55

Total medals won by  india in olympics 2012 ?

 Answer: 6

Which country is in London Olympics 2012 top medal position ?

Answer: China (United states comes in second place)

current affairs related to India - Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Puraskar

Who is the winner of 2012 Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Puraskar ?

Answer: D R Mehta

Who is the founder of Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti(BMVSS) ?

Answer : D R Mehta

What is the prize amount of  Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Puraskar ?

Answer: 5Lac

Gk Questions & currentaffairs related to technology - Mars Missions

NASA's Mars mission - curiosity was landed on?

Answer: Gale crater

List of Mars Missions by United states

Answer: viking, phobos ,pathfinder, deep space ,spirit , opportunity  ,curiosity

Mars Missions by  Russia
Answer : phoenix

Mars Missions by  European space Agency

Answer :  beagle 

objective current affairs questions & answers for 2012 exams

Who is Serbia's newly elected prime minister ?

Answer: Ivica Dacic

What is the party of Ivica Dacic ?

Answer: Socialist Party

Who is the winner of 2012 tour de france championship ?

Answer: Bradley Wiggins

What is the nationality of Bradley Wiggins ?

Answer: Britain

science related Question for upsc and psc exams: Father of science fields

Who is the father of botany ?

Answer : Theophrastus

Who is the father of Paleontology ?

Answer : George Cuvier
Who is the father of internet ?

Answer : Vinton Cerf

Who is the father of Biology?

Answer :  Aristotle

Who wrote
the book "History of Animals" ?

Answer : Aristotle

current events grand slam matches locations : Wimbledon 2012 winners

Wimbledon 2012 men's title winner ?

Ans: Roger Federer
Wimbledon 2012 women's title winner ?

Ans: serena williams

Name the court where  Wimbledon matches are held?

Answer:  Center court (London)

Name the court where French open matches take place ?

Answer: Roland garros

Name the court where  US Open  matches are held?

Answer: Flushing meadows

2012 French open winners

2012 australian open winners

gk and current affairs Questions : The satanic Verses

Who wrote the book "Midnight's Children " ?

Answer : Salman Rushdie

Who is the winner of ranji trophy 2012 ?

Answer :Rajasthan

Chepauk stadium
is located at ?

Answer : Chennai

Freedom and justice party of the Muslim brother hood
is the leading party of which country ?

Answer : Egypt

"The satanic Verses "
is the book by ?

Answer : Salman Rushdie

General Knowledge Questions 2012 : Airlines and related country[updated]

Pluna airlines---------------Uruguay
Qantas airlines-------------Australia
druk airlines   --------------Bhutan 
Lufthansa airlines --------Germany
Garuda airlines------------Indonesia
maya airlines------------Belize 
KLM-------------------------Netherland ( Royal Dutch Airlines ) 
Ariana airlines-------------Afghanistan

current events related Questions : Miss India 2012

Who is recently selected as Miss India 2012 ?

Ans: vanya mishra

Who was Miss world 2011 ?
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Banking related Questions
2012 General Knowledge Questions

Expected Gk Questions for Psc and Upsc Exams

What is the symbol of  Chera dynasty ?

Answer: Bow

What is the symbol of Pandya dynasty ?

Answer: Fish

What is the symbol of chola dynasty ?

Answer: Tiger
Where is Brihadeeswarar Temple is situated?

Answer: Thanjavur(Tamil Nadu)

Who built Brihadeeswarar Temple ?

Answer: Raja Raja chola

2012 current affairs :Euro cup 2012

2012 Euro cup winner ?

Ans : Spain (Runner up : italy)

Where is Rawatbhtwa atomic station is situated ?

Ans: Rajastan

Which is the country is associated with india in BrahMos Missile Project?

Ans: Russia

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2012 Winners List
2012 champions

2012 current affairs Questions related to Olympics : London Olympics

1) First olympic games was on ?

Ans: BC 776 (Greece)

2) First modern olympic games was held on ?

Ans: 1896 (Athens )

3) President of Indian olympics association (IOA) ?

Ans: Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra, (Acting President )

4) Where is the Head Querters of International Olympic Committee (IOC) ?

Ans: Lausanne, Switzerland

5) President of International Olympics committee (IOC) ?
Ans: Jacques Rogge

6) What is the motto for Olympics ?

Ans: Citius, Altius, Fortius (means Faster, Higher, Stronger )

7) 2012 London Olympics watchdog commissioner who was resigned in protest at Dow Chemical's sponsorship?

Ans: Meredith Alexander

 london olympics 2012 mascot

General Knowledge Questions and answers for 2012 exams

River flows through  Nashik ?

Ans: Godavari
River flows through  srinagar ?

Ans: Jhelum

River flows through Kargil?

Ans: Suru river

Musi river Flows through which city?

Ans: Sumatra , Indonesia

bodhgaya is on the banks of which river ?

Ans: niranjana river

Majuli river island is  in which river ?

Ans:  Brahmaputra river

important General knowledge Questions and answers 2012 : iconic historic personalities

Who is the composer of Amar Shonar Bangla ?

Ans: Rabindranath Tagore

who called Rabindranath Tagore as "gurudev" ?

Ans: Mahathma Gandhi

Who is the founder of Visva-Bharati University ?

Ans: Rabindranath Tagore

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Interesting Questions Related to gk for all Compitative exams in 2012 : Horse

What is the name of Alexander the Great's horse ?

Ans: Bucephalus

What is the name of  Buddha's Horse ?

Ans: Kanthaka

What is the name of Maha Rana Pratap horse ?

Ans: chetak

What is the Chattrapatti Shivaji Maharaj's Horse Name ?

Ans: kalyani

current affairs related objective questions for banking exams and psc exams

paraguay's Newly appointed President ?

Ans: Fedrico Franco

2012 US open golf title winner  ?

Ans: Webb simpson

Current AITA President ?

Ans: Anil Khanna

What is the full form for AITA ?

Ans: All india tennis association

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2012 world champions and winners list

General Knowledge 2012 : current world leaders and Political parties

Political Party of raja pervez ashraf , newly elected Pakistan Prime minister (2012 JUNE) ?

Ans:  PPP
Political party of François Hollande (Newly elected French President - from 2012 may)  ?

Ans: Socialist Party

Political party of  David Cameron [Prime Minister of the United Kingdom ] ?

Ans: Conservative

Political party of Barack Hussein Obama (USA)?

Ans: Democratic party

Political party of Vladimir Putin (Russia)?

Ans:United Russia party

Political party of Nelson Mandela and Jacob Zuma (South Africa)?

Ans: African National Congress

Political party of Mahinda Rajapaksa (Srilanka)?

Ans: United People's Freedom Alliance

Political party of Nicolas Sarkozy (previous president of France)?

Ans: Union for a Popular Movement

Political party of  Yoshihiko Noda (Japan) ?

Ans: Democratic party

current affairs bits for PSC And UPSC Exam : 2012 expected Questions

G 20 Summit -2012 will be held on ?

Ans: Mexico (los cabose)

First chinese women to spacce ?

ans: Liu Yang

Only women nobel prize winner in economics , who was recently died ?

Ans: Elinor Ostrom

What is the nationality of Elinor Ostrom?

Ans: America

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2012 Nobel prize Winners 

current affairs Questions for IBPS PO Exams : Frequently asked Questions

Current IRDA Chairman - J Harinarayan

PFRDA Chaiman -Yogesh Agarwal

Present Comptroller and Auditor General -Vinod Rai

Who is the current chairman of SEBI

Ans: U K Sinha

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Full form of  PFRDA and IRDA

List of chairman

Current Repo Rate

ibps exam related questions and previous questions : NEFT

What is the full form of GSM?

Ans: Global System for Mobile Communications

What is the full form of SIM ?

Ans: Subscriber identity module

What is the full form for PFRDA

Ans: Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority 

What is the full form for IRDA

Ans: Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority
What is ALMA,  that was recently in new ?

Ans: World's most powerful astronomical device (chile)

What is the full form for NEFT ?

[IBPS PO EXAM Previous Question]

Ans : National Electronic Funds Transfer
( NEFT  is a nation-wide payment system facilitating one-to-one funds transfer )
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Current affairs Questions for bank and railway exams : French open 2012

French Open 2012 Mixed Doubles Winner ?

Ans: Sania Mirza and Mahesh Bhoopathi

French Open 2012 Women's title Winner ?

Ans: Maria sharapova (Runner-up: Sara Errani)

French Open 2012 Men's title Winner ?

Ans:  Rafael Nadal (Runner-up: N. Djokovic)


Rural development Questions for psc exams : Frequently asked questions

A huge number of questions for psc and bank exams are from the field of Rural development .Here is some Questions related to rural development.

 What is the full form of Asha ?

Ans: Accredited social Health Activist

What is the full for PURA

Ans: Providing Urban-amenities in Rural Areas

Who introduced PURA (Providing Urban-amenities in Rural Areas)?

Ans: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam ( former Indian president ) 

Ganga kalyan yojana is a rural development program for ?

Ans: providing Subsidy for farmers

Ganga kalyan yojana
  started in which year ?

Ans: 1997

What is the full form for  TRYSEM - a rural development program ?

Ans: Training rural youth for self employment )

IRDP -Integrated Rural development program

Rural development Questions and livelihood mission

Latest Current affairs questions and answers :Aslansha cup 2012

Aslansha cup 2012 winner ?

Ans: New Zealand (2'nd place : Argentina )

Which country won 3rd place in Aslansha cup 2012 ?

Ans: India

Aslansha cup is related to which sport item ?

Ans: Hockey

New capital of Myanmar ?

Ans: Naypyitaw

current affairs bits for all exams : FIDE

Facebook chairman and ceo  ?

Ans: Mark Zuckerberg

Who is the current president of FIDE ?

Ans: Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

What is the full form for FIDE ?

Ans: World Chess Federation (Fédération Internationale des Échecs)

2012 world champions and winners related questions and answers

World chess Champion 2012 ?

Ans: viswanathan anand

2012 IPL Winners ?

Kolkata Knight riders [Runner up - Chennai Super kings ]

2012 world snooker championship winner ?

Ans: Ronnie O'sullivan

US National Humanities Medal 2012 ?

Ans: Amartya Sen

2012 Golden Bear award winning Documentary in Berlin film Festival ?

Ans: Ceasar Must Die

2012 European tour title winner- ?

Ans:Jbe Kruger (South Africa)

 European tour title is related to which sports item?

Ans: golf

2012 Jindal Prize Winner ?

Ans: A P J Abdul Kalam  and Santhosh Hegde

2012 Africa Cup of nations winner ?

Ans: zambia

Questions And Answers Related to Recent News and Current affairs :IEA

World's biggest CO2 Emitter  as per IEA report(2012)?

Ans: china

What is the full form of IEA ?

Ans: International energy agency

Where is the Headquarters of IEA ?

Ans: Paris

Tipaimukh hydel power project is situated at which Indian state ?

Ans: Mani poor

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current affairs : List of chairman and Important persons in news for bank exams

Current IOC Chairman ?

Ans: R S Butola

Current Sail Chaiman ?

Ans: C S Verma

Prime minister's Economic Advisory council chairman ?

Ans: C Rangarajan

Current IPL Chairman ?

Ans: Rajiv Shukla

Present BJP President ?

Ans: Nitin Gadkari

Science related questions for PSC Exam - List of Vitamins

Vitamin A - retinol
Vitamin B1 - Thiamine   
Vitamin B2 - Riboflavin  
Vitamin B3 - Niacin
Vitamin B5 - Pantothenic acid   
Vitamin B6 - Pyridoxine
Vitamin B7 - Biotin 
Vitamin B9 - Folic acid
Vitamin B12 - Cyanocobalamin,
Vitamin C - Ascorbic acid  
Vitamin D - cholecalciferol  
Vitamin E - Tocopherols, tocotrienols 
Vitamin K - Phylloquinone, menaquinones

current affair question and answers related to India - recently in news

Which are the nations involved in TAPI gas pipeline Project ?

Ans: Turkmenistan, Afganistan , Pakistan , India

Total length of Tapi pipeline project?

Ans: 1680 Km

Who is the current Chairman of GAIL ?

Ans: B C Tirpathi

Recently elected World Bank Chairman ?

Ans: Jim Yong Kim

Inventions and Discoveries for PSC exams and quizzes

Who invented Microwave Oven

Ans : Dr. Percy Spencer

Who is the inventor of crescograph  ?

Ans: Jagadish Chandra Bose

Who was the inventor of the camera?

Ans: Kodak 

current affairs from sports world - football 2012 events

Who is the winner of Champions League2012?

Ans : Chelsea

Which team won English Premier League 2012?

Ans: Manchester City


current Affairs 2012, General Knowledge Questions and answers 2012 : Atomic energy commission

World asthma day is observed on  ?

Ans: May 1

Recently appointed atomic energy commission chairman ?

Ans: Rathan kumar sinha

Where is the headquarters of Atomic energy commission ?
Ans: Maumbai
Atomic energy commission  was created in the year ?

Ans: 1948 August 3

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Easy English : Word Meanings and One Word Substitution

Sixes and sevens : In confusion

To burn one's bote : To make retreat impossible

Charlatan :Person falsely claiming Knowledge
Cynosure :Attracts everybodies attention

Kleptomania : A mania for stealing

Gandhiji related questions for quizzes and exams :Frequently asked Questions

Who was the political guru of Mahatma Gandhi ?

Ans: Gopal Krishna Gokhale

which Round Table Conferences was attended by Mahatma Gandhi ?

Ans: 1931 , second Round Table Conferences

who participated all the three Round Table Conferences?

Ans: Dr . B R Ambedkar

which is the mahatma gandhi's first satyagraha in india ?

Ans: Champaran

Year in which Champaran satyagraha was took place?


current affairs quiz questions and answers 2012 : India

India's First indigenous radar satellite ?


first Indian woman scientist to head a missile project ?

Ans: Tessy thomas

Who is known as Agni putri ?

Ans: Tessy thomas
Who is  the project director of agni missile ?
Ans: Tessy thomas

worlds First solar powered space craft developed by nasa ?

You can find the answer

Current Affairs 2012 : Upcoming events in 2012 - Olympic Mascot

Q) Venue for Earth Summit 2012 ?

Earth Summit 2012 will take place in Rio de Janeiro.(On 20th - 22nd, June 2012)
  First earth summit was on  -1992 took place in Rio de Janeiro

Second earth summit was on  -2002 took place in Johannesburg, South Africa

  Earth Summit also known as United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED)

Q)Name  london olympics 2012 mascot ?

Ans:Wenlock and Mandeville

2010 youth Olympics mascot - Lyo and Merly

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current affairs question and answers for banking and psc exams

Newly elected German president ?

Ans: Joachim Gauck

New Railway minister ?

Ans: Mukul Roy

Newly elected isi (Inter service Intelligence) Director general ?

Ans: Sahirul islam

Biology related Questions for competitive exams 2012 : cloning and first cloned animals

first animal crated from cloning ?

Ans: Dolly  (sheep)

Who created Dolly ?

Ans: Ian Wilmut

Who is the father of cloning ?

Ans: Ian Wilmut

world's first cloned camel ?

Ans: Injaz

world's first cloned cat ?

Ans: copy cat

world's first cloned dog ?

Ans: Snuppy

world's first cloned rat?

Ans: Ralph

world's first cloned Hourse?


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          recent president elections

Frequently asked Questions for PSC and UPSC Exams : Indian History

Who was known as "lakh Baksha" ?

Ans: Qutub ud din Aibak

Who wrote the book "Panchasiddantika" ?

Ans: VarahaMihira

the book "HarshaCharitha" written by ?

ans: Banabhatta

Rathnavali,nagananda, and priyadarshika are drama's written by ?


Who callled Samudra guptha as Indian Napoleon ?

Ans: V A Smith 

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It related Questions for bank exams
Padma Vibhushan Awards 2012

current affairs for Ibps and other bank exams : new ceo

Newly elected MD and CEO of Larsen and Toubro (L & T)

Ans: Venkataramanan

World Indoor Women's Pole valt title 2012 winner


Nationality of Isinbayeva


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Current Affairs Questions for all Competitive Exams : Newly Elected CM

Newly elected Chief Minister for UP?

Ans: Akhilesh Yadav

Newly elected Chief Minister for  uttarakhand  ?

Ans: Vijay Bahuguna

Who is the winner of swathy Prize 2012?

Ans: Bala Murali krishna

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Easy English : English vocabulary answers for banking and psc exams

Vegabond - Loafer

Abottoir -Slaughter house

carnage - General Slaughter for human being

Namby Pamby -  weak or indecisive

Prime rose path of life - A life of Pleasure 

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current Affairs Questions and answers : sports and olympics

Who was selected as Chief de  Mission of 2012 olympics by IOA ?

Ans: Ajit Pal

Who are Indian wells tennis champions ?

Ans:Roger Federer and Victoria Azarenka

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Current Affairs Questions and Answers About India - Awards 2012

Swiss Open 2012 winner ?

Ans: Saina Nehwall

Dada sahib Falke award 2012 winner?

Ans: soumitra chatterjee

DRDO Recently developed a Subsonic Cruise missile ,What is the name given for that missile?

Ans: Nirbhay

Where was sachin scored his 100th century ?

Ans : Daka ( Against Bangladesh)

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general knowledge objective Questions answers for all exams : military operations

Operation Polo - integration of Hyderabad to Indian union -1948- September

operation bluestar- military operation in Golden temple ,Amritsar - 1984 June 1 to 6

operation cocoon- Operation that lead to death of veerappan

operation vijay- liberation of Gova from portuguese -1961 dec-19

1999 kargin war was also given the code name [operation vijay]

operation green hunt- Name given for military action against Naxalite 

computer related Questions for psc and upsc exams : inventions and languages

 who is the inventor of Computer Mouse ?

Ans: Douglas Englebart 
who is the inventor of C programming language

Ans: Dennis Ritchie

Pascal programming language was developed by ?

Ans: Niklaus Wirth

JAVA programming language was developed by ?

Ans: James Gosling

More computer related Questions
          Questions related to W3C

Sports related Questions : Sports items and Players count

Number of players in  Beach volleyball - 2

Number of players in  Polo-  4

Number of players in  BasketBall-  5

Number of players in  Volleyball-  6

Number of players in Kabadii - 7

Number of players in handball - 7

Number of players in Water polo - 7

Number of players in Baseball -9

Number of players in Cricket , Football , Hockey -11

Time duration for Kabadii - 40 min (20min+ 20 min with  five-minute halftime break )

G K questions related to cinema : Hollywood and film industry nicknames

Where is American film industry Hollywood is located at ?

Ans: Los Angeles

Oscar is Presented by ?

Ans: American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS)

Nick name for Pakistan film industry ?

Ans: Lollywood

Nick name for Bangladesh film industry ?

Ans: Dhalywood

Tollywood is the Indian film industry associated with  which language ?

Ans: Telungu  and Bengali

kollywood is the Indian film industry associated with  which language ?

Ans: Tamil

Mollywood is the Indian film industry associated with  which language ?

Ans: Malayalam

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Important Gk Quiz Questions with Answers : Research Institutes in india

Where is Central salt and Marine research institute ?

Ans: Bhavnagar , Gujarath

Where is  Indian Institute of Soil Science (IISS) ?


Where is  Central Food Technological Research Institute ?


National Institute of Research in Tuberculosis(NIRT) is located at ?

Ans: Chennai 

National Physical laboratory is located at ?

Ans: New Delhi

National Chemical laboratory is located at ?

Ans: Pune

Where is National Institute of Rural Development ?

Ans: Rajendranagar, Hyderabad

Where is National Institute of Nutrition ?

Ans: Hyderabad

Where is Central Rice Research Institute ?

Ans:  Cuttack

Where is Central Building Research Institute

Ans:  Roorkee

Where is National Dairy Research Institute?
Ans: Karnal

Where is Indian Instituteof Petroleum ?

Ans: Dehradun, Uttarakhand

where is Forest Research Institute ?

Ans: Dehradun

Where is Indian Institute of Spices Research ?

Ans: calicut, Kerala

Where is Indian Institute of Science ?

Ans:  Bangalore

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              GK Questions related to  Rural Development
              General knowledge Questions

Latest who is who current affairs Questions and answers : IAAF President

Who is current IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) President ?

Ans: Lamine Diack

Who is current Nigerian President ?

Ans: Jonathan GoodLuck

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Famous Female Personalities: Current Affairs and GK Related Questions

Name the 2011 Nobel prize winners ?

Ans: Ellen Jonson Sirleaf , Leymah Gbowee and Tawakul Karman

Ellen Jonson Sirleaf is the president of which country ?

Ans: Liberia

What is the nationality of Leymah Gbowee ?

Ans: Liberia

What is the nationality of  Tawakul Karman ?

Ans: Yeman

Easy English : vocabulary for kerala psc and upsc exams

Compunction - Regret

Meddle - Interface

Eccentric - Peculiar

Atrocities - Cruelties

discourse - Conversation

horde - large group

wonted  -habitual

wrangle - noisy argument or dispute

exoneration -free or declare free from blame

extradited - Handed over to other country

mooted - raise for discussion

litigation- go to law

trifling - unimportant

General Knowledge test questions and answers : women's day

first Women's Kabaddi World Cup Championship winner held on 2012?

Ans: India

International Women's day is celebrated on ?

Ans: March-8

National Science day is celebrated on ?

Ans: Feb-28

Who is the next Army chief?

Ans: Bikram Singh

2012 quiz questions and answers : Important current affairs

Total Sanittation scheme was renamed as ________?

Ans: Nirmal Bharath Abhiyan

Polio Summit 2012 was held at ?

Ans: New Delhi (India)

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Rural development Questions for psc exams

Indian History Questions : FAQ for PSC and Upsc - Treaty

First Mysore War was ended with which treaty ?

Ans: Treaty of Madras

Second Mysore War was ended with which treaty ?

Ans: Treaty of mangalore

Third Mysore War was ended with which treaty ?

Ans: Treaty of Sreerangapatnam

Who wrote the book Fathul Mujahiddin ?

Ans: Tippu Sulthan

current affairs questions for competitive and bank exams 2012 : CEO

Newly appointed President for Yeman?

Ans: Abdrabbuh Hadi

Union steel Minister
who was recently in news ?
Ans: Beni Presad

Union minister of Rural development ?
Ans: Jairam Ramesh

International Hockey federation CEO ?
Ans: Kelly fair weather

banking related terms for ibps 2012 exams (updated)

1. What is the full form of banking related term PPP ?

Ans:- Purchasing Power Parity

Some more banking terms

IRDA- Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority

FICCI- Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and  Industry

ECB - External Commercial borrowings

FCCB -Foreign currency convertible Bond

PTI- Press Trust of india  

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current affairs questions and answers for 2012 exams :Laureus Award winners

Laureus Award  is giving in the field of ?

Ans: Sports

2012 Laureus Award winners

Who won Sports man of the year award ?

Ans: Novak Djokovic

Who won Sports women of the year award ?

Ans: Viviya Cheruiot

Which Football team won Team of the Year award ?

Ans: FC Barcelona

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What is the nationality of  Viviya Cheruiot?

Ans: Kenya

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gk questions and answers : psc frequently asked questions

Where is Writers' Building ?

Ans: West Bengal

Birla house is located at ?
Ans: New Delhi

Where is antariksh bhavan ?

Ans: Bangalore (Isro HeadQuerters)

Belur Math is located at ?

Ans: West Bengal(RamaKrishan Mission Headquarters )

G K Questions 2012 : latest who is who

Who is Reserve Bank of India Governor 

Ans: Duvvuri Subbarao

who is current chairman of Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council ?

Ans: C.Rangarajan

Current ISRO chairman ?

Ans: Dr. K. Radhakrishnan

Ibps Exam Previous Questions related to general Knowledge: IBPS Clerical exam 2011

Q)  top jute producing country (2011)?

Ans: India
[IBPS Clerical exam 2011]

Q) NEFT is related to _________?

Ans: Facility for one-to-one funds transfer

[IBPS Clerical exam 2011]

Q) Salva Kiir Mayardit is elected as first president of which country ?

Ans: south sudan

[IBPS Clerical exam 2011]

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Which country is second place in production of jute ?

And: Bangladesh.

Q) Capital of  South Sudan ?

Ans: Juba

Current affairs questions for ibps exams

2012 Brics summit will be held in which country?

Ans: India

What is the full form for Brics ?

Ans: Brazil , Russia India, China, South Africa


G K for exams : 2012 events related questions

2012 celebrating as international year of cooperatives

Which famous English novelist's 200th birth day is celebrating on 2012

Ans: Charles Dickens

Who is the father of the cooperative movement ?

Ans: Robert Owen

current affairs 2012 : Recently in news

what is the nationality of  Wislawa Szymborska who was recently in news ?

Ans: Poland

Wislawa Szymborska,  nobel laureate  who was recently died

Important books: Calling Out to Yathi, People on the bridge , The end and the beginning

Recently published autobiography of Tasleema Nasreen ?

Ans: Nirbasan

Recently India decided to buy 120 fighter planes from which country?

Ans: France

banking related Questions: forex (Foreign money Exchange )

What is the full form for forex ?

Ans: Foreign money Exchange

What is the Full form of FEMA ?

Ans: Foreign Exchange Management Act

What is the Full form of FERA ?

Ans: Foreign Exchange Regulation Act

Where is SEBI Headquarters ?

Ans: Mumbai

Who is SEBI CEO ?

Ans: U K Sinha

questions on banking : bank Headquarters and baking questions

where is sbi Headquarters ?

Ans: Mumbai

where is  south indian bank Headquarters ?

Ans: Thrissur, Kerala

Punjab National Bank (PNB) Headquarters  is located at?

Ans :New Delhi, India

Where is Vijaya Bank Headquarters ?


HSBC (Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation ) Headquarters is at ?

Ans: Hong Kong

Federal Bank Headquarters is at ?

Ans: Aluva, Kochi

General Knowledge Questions for 2012 exams : hydro electric power projects

Where is Damodar valley power project is situated ?

Ans: West Bengal

Longest irrigation canal in the world ?

Ans: Indira Gandhi canal (Rajasthan)

Where is kosi project ?

Ans: Bihar

Kosi project was build with the help of which other country ?

Ans : Nepal

Gandak project was build with the help of which other country ?

Ans : Nepal

current affairs for bank exams : Australian open 2012

Australian open 2012 men's winner ?

Ans: Novak Djokovic(Nationality : Serbia)

Australian open 2012 men's  runner up ?

Ans: Rafel Nadal (Nationality : spain)

Australian open 2012 women's winner ?

Ans: Victoria Azarenka(Nationality : Belarus)

Australian open 2012 women's  runner up ?

Ans: Maria sharapova(Nationality :Russia)

Australian open 2012 Men's doubles winner ?

Ans: Leander paes(India) and Radek Stepanek (Czech Republic)

Psc expected Questions: Father of the nation

Who is the father of the nation of Tanzania ?

Ans: Julius Nyerere

Father of the nation of  Kenya ?

Ans: Jomo Kenyatta

Father of the nation of zambia ?

Ans: Kenneth David Kaunda

Father of the nation of   Kosovo

Ans: Ibrahim Rugova

Father of the nation of   Pakistan

Ans: Mohammad Ali Jinnah

Father of the nation of   USA

Ans: George Washington

General Knowledge Questions for psc and Upsc exams : Religions

1) God of the Zoroastrian religion ?

Ans: Ahuramazda

2) Sacred book of  Zoroastrian religion?

Ans: Zend Avesta

3) place of worship for Zoroastrianism ?

Ans: fire temple

4) place of worship for Buddhism ?

Ans: Pagoda

5) place of worship for Jews

Ans: synagogue

6) River flows through gaya ?

Ans: Falgu

7) Who is the founder of Taoism ?

Ans: lao tzu

Current affairs important questions for psc exams :TAPI Project

What is the "T" stands in "TAPI" ?

Ans: Turkmenistan

What is TAPI Project ?

Natural gas pipeline Project connecting Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India

What is the estimated cost of TAPI Project ?

Ans: $7.6-billion

Name the Taiwan President Who was recently re-elected ?

Ans: Ma Ying-Jeou

Current Affairs for Competitive Exams in India : Padma Vibhushan Awards 2012

2012 Padma Vibhushan Awards winners

Mariode Miranda
( Cartoonist ,Goa )

Bhupen Hazarika
 (Music, Assam)

K G Subhramanyam
(Painting, WestBengal)

T V Rajeshwar
(civil servant Delhi )

Dr. Kentillal Hastimal Sancheti

current affairs 2012 : ceo recently in news

Sail (Steel authority of India LTD) ceo ?

Ans : C. S. Verma

Who is the head of Western Ghat Ecology Expert panel?

Ans: Madav Gadgil

What is the full form for RIC and NPR

RIC- Resident Identity Card

NPR - National Population register

English vocabulary related Questions for psc and upsc exams

Pros and cons - Reason and consideration against a proposition

Vendetta -Blood Feud

snare - trap

Savour- Characteristic taste

atrocity -wicked or cruel nature

undulate -wavy motion

Man-oeuvre- Planned or controlled Movement of vehicle or group

questions related to republic day india : chief guest

Who is the chief guest of 63rd Republic day celebrations 2012 (India ) ?

Ans:Yingluck Shinawatra (Prime Minister of Thailand)

More about previous year Republic day celebrations

In which state Mobile phone services are stopped  in 2012 Republic day celebrations?

Ans: Jam-mu Kashmir

Who was the chief guest in first Republic day celebrations ?

Ans: Sukarno (First Indonesian President)

Easy English- Young one's of animals ( psc old questions )

Young one of bat , hound and hyena?

Ans: Pup

 Young one of crow?

Ans: Chick

Young one of fish?

Ans: Fry

Young one of Chimpanzee ?

Ans: Infant

Young one of kangaroo?

Ans: Joey

Young one of Frog?

Ans: Tadpole

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Republic day related questions for psc exams

 Q) Which day is celebrated as Republic day in Pakistan ?

Ans: 23 March

Pakistan celebrates Republic day to commemorate Lahore Resolution of 1940

Find more from  Wikipedia

Q ) "Jana Gana Mana" was first sung at ?

Ans: Indian National Congress (Calcutta ) on 27 December 1911

current affairs questions related to Pakistan :current affairs 2012

Tehrik e-Insaf is the political party related to which famous personality ?

Ans: Imran Khan


All Pakistan Muslim League is the political party of _______?

Ans: Parvez mushrraf

Pakistan Peoples Party is the political party related to which country?

Ans: Pakistan

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