science related Question for upsc and psc exams: Father of science fields

Who is the father of botany ?

Answer : Theophrastus

Who is the father of Paleontology ?

Answer : George Cuvier
Who is the father of internet ?

Answer : Vinton Cerf

Who is the father of Biology?

Answer :  Aristotle

Who wrote
the book "History of Animals" ?

Answer : Aristotle

current events grand slam matches locations : Wimbledon 2012 winners

Wimbledon 2012 men's title winner ?

Ans: Roger Federer
Wimbledon 2012 women's title winner ?

Ans: serena williams

Name the court where  Wimbledon matches are held?

Answer:  Center court (London)

Name the court where French open matches take place ?

Answer: Roland garros

Name the court where  US Open  matches are held?

Answer: Flushing meadows

2012 French open winners

2012 australian open winners

gk and current affairs Questions : The satanic Verses

Who wrote the book "Midnight's Children " ?

Answer : Salman Rushdie

Who is the winner of ranji trophy 2012 ?

Answer :Rajasthan

Chepauk stadium
is located at ?

Answer : Chennai

Freedom and justice party of the Muslim brother hood
is the leading party of which country ?

Answer : Egypt

"The satanic Verses "
is the book by ?

Answer : Salman Rushdie

General Knowledge Questions 2012 : Airlines and related country[updated]

Pluna airlines---------------Uruguay
Qantas airlines-------------Australia
druk airlines   --------------Bhutan 
Lufthansa airlines --------Germany
Garuda airlines------------Indonesia
maya airlines------------Belize 
KLM-------------------------Netherland ( Royal Dutch Airlines ) 
Ariana airlines-------------Afghanistan

current events related Questions : Miss India 2012

Who is recently selected as Miss India 2012 ?

Ans: vanya mishra

Who was Miss world 2011 ?
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2012 General Knowledge Questions

Expected Gk Questions for Psc and Upsc Exams

What is the symbol of  Chera dynasty ?

Answer: Bow

What is the symbol of Pandya dynasty ?

Answer: Fish

What is the symbol of chola dynasty ?

Answer: Tiger
Where is Brihadeeswarar Temple is situated?

Answer: Thanjavur(Tamil Nadu)

Who built Brihadeeswarar Temple ?

Answer: Raja Raja chola

2012 current affairs :Euro cup 2012

2012 Euro cup winner ?

Ans : Spain (Runner up : italy)

Where is Rawatbhtwa atomic station is situated ?

Ans: Rajastan

Which is the country is associated with india in BrahMos Missile Project?

Ans: Russia

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2012 current affairs Questions related to Olympics : London Olympics

1) First olympic games was on ?

Ans: BC 776 (Greece)

2) First modern olympic games was held on ?

Ans: 1896 (Athens )

3) President of Indian olympics association (IOA) ?

Ans: Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra, (Acting President )

4) Where is the Head Querters of International Olympic Committee (IOC) ?

Ans: Lausanne, Switzerland

5) President of International Olympics committee (IOC) ?
Ans: Jacques Rogge

6) What is the motto for Olympics ?

Ans: Citius, Altius, Fortius (means Faster, Higher, Stronger )

7) 2012 London Olympics watchdog commissioner who was resigned in protest at Dow Chemical's sponsorship?

Ans: Meredith Alexander

 london olympics 2012 mascot

General Knowledge Questions and answers for 2012 exams

River flows through  Nashik ?

Ans: Godavari
River flows through  srinagar ?

Ans: Jhelum

River flows through Kargil?

Ans: Suru river

Musi river Flows through which city?

Ans: Sumatra , Indonesia

bodhgaya is on the banks of which river ?

Ans: niranjana river

Majuli river island is  in which river ?

Ans:  Brahmaputra river

important General knowledge Questions and answers 2012 : iconic historic personalities

Who is the composer of Amar Shonar Bangla ?

Ans: Rabindranath Tagore

who called Rabindranath Tagore as "gurudev" ?

Ans: Mahathma Gandhi

Who is the founder of Visva-Bharati University ?

Ans: Rabindranath Tagore

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