2012 world champions and winners related questions and answers

World chess Champion 2012 ?

Ans: viswanathan anand

2012 IPL Winners ?

Kolkata Knight riders [Runner up - Chennai Super kings ]

2012 world snooker championship winner ?

Ans: Ronnie O'sullivan

US National Humanities Medal 2012 ?

Ans: Amartya Sen

2012 Golden Bear award winning Documentary in Berlin film Festival ?

Ans: Ceasar Must Die

2012 European tour title winner- ?

Ans:Jbe Kruger (South Africa)

 European tour title is related to which sports item?

Ans: golf

2012 Jindal Prize Winner ?

Ans: A P J Abdul Kalam  and Santhosh Hegde

2012 Africa Cup of nations winner ?

Ans: zambia

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