UPSC and ibps Exams related current affairs : Women presidents recently in news

Who is the president of Argentina ?

Ans: Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

Who is the president of Brazil?

Ans: Dilma Rousuf

Who is the president of Liberia ?

Ans: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

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Who is Myanmar president ?

Ans: Thein sein

Where is hills of ranikhet that was recently in news ?

Ans: utharakhand

Who is the writer of novel Bharathipura ?

Ans:- U R Anantha moorthy

Which country launched Hatf 7 ,Nuclear capable cruise missile ?

Ans: Pakistan

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Who is the winner of  2011 korean grand pre ?

Ans : Sebastian vettal

Who is vietnam president ?

Ans: Troungtansang

Pir Pinjal Mountain situated at which state ?

Ans:jam-mu & Kashmir

What is the full form for FLCC ?

Ans: Financial Literacy and credit council

What is the full form for ISLRTC that was recently in news ?

Indian sign
language Reaserch and training center

Which Nordic country recently imposed a fat tax?

Ans: Denmark

Name the first country implemented Hamburger law ?

Ans: Hungary

World tourism day ?

Ans: September 27

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who is present Chief of the Naval  staff ?

Ans: Admiral Nirmal Varma

who is present Chief of the Army  staff ?

Ans: General V k Singh

who is present Chief of the air staff ?

Ans: Air chief marshal N A K Browne

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current affairs 2011 : Father of pacemaker

Who won 33rd Federation Cup 2011 ?

Ans: salgokar gova

Who is the father of pasemaker ?

Ans: Vinson Great batch (recently died)

Name the indian who won International shooting world cup 2011 ?

Ans: Sodhi

What is the full form for ISSF ?

International Shooting Sport Federation

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current affairs : Press Trust of IndiaChairman

Who is the chairman of Press Trust of India (PTI) ?

Ans: Markandey Katju

Who is the CM of Andra Predesh?

Ans: Kiran kumar Reddy

The slogan "Sarvajan Hitay and sarvajan sukhay " is associated with which state government ?

Ans: Uttar Pradesh

Who is the CM of Uttar Pradesh?

Ans: Mayavathi

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Current Affairs Questions : Nobel prize 2011 winners and country

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine   -

Bruce A. Beutler (U S A)
Jules A. Hoffmann ( Luxam-burg )
Ralph M. Steinman( Canada)

Nobel Prize in Literature

Tomas Transtromer (Sweedan)

Nobel Prize in Physics

Saul Perlmutter ( USA )
Brian P. Schmidt( USA )
Adam G. Riess( Australia)

Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Dan Shechtman ( Israel)

Nobel Peace Prize

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf ( Liberia )
Leymah Gbowee ( Liberia )
Tawakkul Karman (Yaman)

ibps related current affairs :UN Good will ambassador

Name the Tennis proffessional who was recently appointed as UN Good will ambassador?

Ans: Serena Williams

Country which recently allow  right for vote to women ?

Ans: Saudi Arabia

What is the full form of CSIR ?

Ans: Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

Who won Bhatnagar prize ?

Ans: Mahan Maharaj

 Bhatnagar prize is giving for excellence in which field ?

Ans: Science and Technology

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Which is the First UNESCO City of Literature ?

Ans: Edinburgh

Who is Recently appointed Evercon CEO?

Ans: Susha Jhon

Which bank got the award for Excellence in MSME's ?

Ans: Indian Oversees Bank

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International day of disappeared ?

Ans: Aug-30

Basel committee is related to _____________ ?

Ans: Bank Supervision 

what is the full form for IGNOAPS ?

Ans: Indira Gandhi old age Pension scheme 

current affairs for all competitive exams :MMDR Bill

What is the full form for MMDR Bill that was recently introduced in parliament ?

Ans: Mines and Mineral Development and regulation

What is the full form for Interpol ?

Ans: International Criminal Police

Which state in India Introduced Jal Nirmal project ?

Ans: Karnataka

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current events for upsc exams :INS President

Who is the recently appointed president of INS(Indian news paper society) ?

Ans: Ashish Bega

Irani Cup related to ?

Ans: Cricket

What is the full form of WIPO?

Ans: World Intellectual Property Organization

general Awareness for ibps clerical Exams :rajive Gandhi International Prize

Who is Union Health Minister ?

Ans: Ghulam Nabi Azad

Who got The rajive Gandhi International Prize for technology in education and development instituted by IGNOU ?

Ans: Azim Premji Foundation

current affairs for ibps exams: coal india chairman

Who is coal India chairman ?

Ans: N C Jha

Who is SAIL Chairman ?

Ans: V S Varma

Who is the winner of Singapore grand Prix ?

Ans: Sebastian Vetal

Who is chairman of  Central Advisory Board

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