General knowledge Questions with answers for 2013 exams:Indian cities with nicknames

For psc and upsc exams expect a question from nicknames of Indian cities.

1. Which city is known as diamond city?
answer: Surat

2. Which city is known as solar city ?
answer: amritsar 

3. City of Joy ?
answer: Kolkata

4. Which city is called Manchester of India ?
answer: Ahmedabad
5. Which city is called Orange city of india ?
answer: Nagpoor

6. Which city is called Silicon Valley of India ?
Ans: Banglore

7. Which indian city is called garden city of India ?
answer: Banglore

8.Which indian city is called Temple city of India ?
answer: Bhubaneshwar

9. Which indian cities known as twin cities of india ?
answer: Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar

Sorrows of Indian states(Rivers with a nickname) 

*10. which river  is known as "sorrow of bihar"?
Answer: Kosi

*11.which river  is known as "sorrow of bengal"?
Answer: Damodar River

*12. Which river is known as "Sorrow of Odisha" ?
Answer: MahaNadi

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Current Repo rate,Reverse repo rate, Bank rate : updated on November 2013

Bank rates for ibps and banking exams.

Repo rate,Reverse repo rate, SLR, CRR, RBI Current Bank rate,  Marginal Standing Facility rate ,Base Rate As per 2 November 2013

Repo rate -7.75%  (previous 7.5%  -
changed on october 2013)

Reverse repo rate- 6.75% (previous- 6.5%
- changed on october 2013)

SLR- 23 %    

CRR-  4%  

Marginal Standing Facility rate  - 8.75% (previous- 9%  changed on october 2013 )

Bank rate-8.75% (previous- 9%  changed on october 2013)

 Base Rate: 9.8 % -10.25 %

What is repo rate ?
Ans: Repo rate is the rate at which banks borrow money from the central bank(RBI)

what is the full form for SLR?
Answer: Statutory Liquidity Ratio

what is the full form for CRR?
Answer:Cash Reserve Ratio

Who is the Present RBI governor ?
Answer: raghuram rajan

Please note the date of updation . RBI Revises these rates on end of each month.

The rates are collected from RBI Website

Post Updated on 2-November -2013

general knowledge and current affairs quiz questions(2013)

Latest current affairs

1. who is the New LIC chairman?
Answer : S K Roy

 2. 9th wto ministerial conference will be held
answer: bali

3. New bcci president?
answer: N. Srinivasan

General knowledge questions

1. According to Trasperency international survey (2012) which country is the least corrupt country of the world
answer :Denmark

2. what is the full form of NOIDA ?
Answer : new okhla industrial devlopment area

3. Ten Degree Channel separates?
Answer: Andaman Islands from the Nicobar Islands

Important current affaris for bank exams

we are coming back with latest updates of current affairs

1 2013 SAFF Cup (football) winner?
Answer :  Afghanistan

2. 2013 Us Open men's Winners?
Answer : Rafael Nadal

3. 2013 Us Open women's Winners?
Answer : Serena williams

4. 2020 Olympics will be held on ?

Answer: tokyo

5.Newly elected rbi governor ?
Answer : raghuram rajan

6. Controversial Posco Project is situated at which state?
Answer : Odisha

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