Ibps Exam Previous Questions related to general Knowledge: IBPS Clerical exam 2011

Q)  top jute producing country (2011)?

Ans: India
[IBPS Clerical exam 2011]

Q) NEFT is related to _________?

Ans: Facility for one-to-one funds transfer

[IBPS Clerical exam 2011]

Q) Salva Kiir Mayardit is elected as first president of which country ?

Ans: south sudan

[IBPS Clerical exam 2011]

More Related Questions

Which country is second place in production of jute ?

And: Bangladesh.

Q) Capital of  South Sudan ?

Ans: Juba

Current affairs questions for ibps exams

2012 Brics summit will be held in which country?

Ans: India

What is the full form for Brics ?

Ans: Brazil , Russia India, China, South Africa


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