current affairs , Gk questions and answers : New elements

What is the full form for IUPC ?

Ans: The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

IUPC Recently added Darmstadtium as 110 th element , named after which city ?

Ans: Darmstadt (Germany )

Other elements added

111th element - Roentgenium - Named after Rontgen

112 th element - Copernicium - Named After Nicolaus Copernicus

What is the nationality of Rontgen?

Ans: Germany

Nationality of
Nicolaus Copernicus ?

Ans: Poland

International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry head quarters
situated at ?

Ans: Zurich, Switzerland

Federation Internationale de Football Association Headquarters is

Ans:  Zurich, Switzerland

Where is the international Olympic committee headquarters located at ?

Ans:Lausanne, Switzerland

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